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oenone zero, freya rasmussen, nimrod pennyroyal

praise be

Oenone. Surgeon in the Green Storm Resurrection Corps. Loyal follower of Her Excellency the Stalker Fang. Also trying to find Jesus.

The moment of the rose and the moment of the yew tree are of equal duration.

Someday, we will have peace.

part of my blog title is from the same poem as that segment no I totally don’t pattern myself after Oenone Zero not at all

Freya Rasmussen, Margravine of Anchorage, Light of the Ice Fields, etc, etc.

Bucket list: help my people to greatness, lose the title, finish and publish my self-help book for struggling adolescents, find a decent man and settle down. Not necessarily in that order. 

Official blog of Professor Nimrod Pennyroyal, famed adventurer, best-selling author and historian, and mayor of Brighton.

Endorsed and moderated by the Professor himself, who uses this platform to contact lucky fans from all over the civilized world!

Official twitter: @profpennyroyal

Official youtube account: PennyroyalBooks

Official facebook page: Professor Nimrod Pennyroyal

Official 8tracks: royalDJ

Official OKCupid: freebirdnimrod

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Eilonwy. Student at Dallben University and part-time food service worker. DON’T call me a scullery maid.

Adjusting to the move from a palatial setting to this much more rural environment, with the help of my dumbass pig boy. (link to Taran’s blog)

I love dancing, fireworks, scifi/fantasy, and loudly protesting women’s rights issues.

Tune in for my podcast every Thursday at 5:00. I love to talk!

If you send me hate, I’ll stop speaking to you.

(You too, Taran.)

these are so much fun, send me more

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Luke, Leia, Joffrey, Fat Walda


Luke. 19. The middle of nowhere.

I like engines, tech, and piloting. You might say I’m a bit of a geek ;)

The world can be mundane; I hope to bring the light of legends into it.

«picture of Luke standing with his hands on his hips in the desert»


literally the middle of nowhere

Leia. 19. You don’t need to know my location: more importantly, neither does the government.

Looking cute and having great hair doesn’t prevent me from shooting straight, talking shit and, if necessary, kicking ass. 

Small, furry creatures and the light of justice hold a special place in my heart.

The world is cruel and flawed; I’m going to burn it down and start over.

«an elaborate piece of statement art, involving Grand Moff Tarkin with a clown nose and Xs on his eyes. Both the clown nose and the background are splatter paint.»

more of my art here (link to tag)

twin parallels tho

«picture of Joffrey at a rifle range with Robert. Joffrey is smiling into his selfie. Robert is clearly unaware the picture is being taken»

Scarface in this bitch, it’s like a gun store in my house


Fuck bitches, get money, rule the world.

tweet me @joffplaya

talkin all that killa shit now where’s your body count

«picture of Joffrey and Robert with a boar carcass. Robert is wearing a hat with deer antlers and a shirt that says BADASS. They’re both holding beers. Joffrey is obviously underage»


me, my dad, and the beginning of our body count

I got visceral second-hand embarrassment just typing that lmao

«row of tiny, dancing animated dancing Hello Kittys»

«posed photograph of Walda in short denim shorts and a lacy pink top, plus white scarf tied around her head kerchief-style and lipstick, sort of a pin-up-girl look»

Walda. Interested in fashion, art, film, and cooking. Body & sex positive. My life is a creative balance of tradition and innovation.

«picture of a pair of very practical-looking black boots with mud on the toes, a pair of high heels with applique roses on the toes, and a pair of sequined baby booties»


(emoticon heart) expecting a baby with my love (emoticon heart)

walda is so precious, she brings light to my life.

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new meme: adam sandler disappears into thin air, jennifer aniston is grief stricken

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The "About Me" meme: so many characters, so little patience you'd have with me (pick whichever floats your boat): R2D2(DROID LOVE 4EVER), Sansa, Reid, Garcia, Ziva, Benedict Arnold, the Maximoff twins

R2 would have some totally incomprehensible theme that has everything in a combination of binary coding and the Cyrillic alphabet. What it actually says is “I’m here, I’ve got no fear, and I’m ready to party or fuck shit up” and then it says “my unwilling partner in crime” and links to C-3PO’s etiquette blog.

Hi, everybody, I’m Sansa, 15, INFP, Ravenclaw, hopeless romantic and singer of songs. I reblog a lot of animated epic poems, especially Florian and Jonquil: The Anime, fashion, and jousting. My bestie (links to Jeyne Poole’s page). My baby. (links to pictures of Loras Tyrell).

«Huge selfie of Reid taken at an awkward angle. He is wearing a nerdy sweater. A section of Derek Morgan’s head can be seen in one corner, shining majestically.» You can call me the Doctor. No, not that doctor :) I’m a twenty-something professional with a wide variety of academic and fandom interests, and a burning desire to make the world a better place. Note: I have a highly demanding and stressful career, so I might not be on very much sometimes. I’d prefer not to go into details.

«cute fanart of a chubby pink mermaid»«blog title is a glittery Nicki Minaj quote» Hello, everybody, I’m Penelope. Supergirl by day, hacktivist by night. I’m here primarily for fandoms and roleplay, but if you ever need to talk, I’ll listen. Do no harm, but take no shit.

Ziva doesn’t have an about me, but she copiously tags things “about me”. They tend to be intellectual/deep quotes from books, but there’s also stuff like Powerpuff girls and gifs of women doing ballet and karate. she also reblogs most of Tony’s personal posts.

«poorly made homemade gif of Arnold juggling flaming torches» Call me Ben. Ogres are like onions; lots of layers. I’m only an asshole when you provoke me. Big fan of George Washington. Ethan Allan can suck my dick.«selfie of Arnold and Peggy Shippen making out, heavily filtered by Instagram»

Pietro Maximoff. I’m so fast you can call me the Flash ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. «the entire lyrics to Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, carefully formatted into a lightning bolt shape» My twin (links to Wanda’s page). Baby sister. (links to Lorna’s page). The paterfamilias (links to a Google Alert on “the international terrorist calling himself Magneto”)

I go by Scarlet. I’m a master at makeup, fashion, sleight-of-hand magic, and pretending my life’s not falling apart around me. Stop the world, I want to get off. I also draw Sailor Moon fanart.

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One of my biggest disappointments in Criminal Minds is that Morgan and Garcia aren’t actually a couple


Did I misphrase somewhere? I’m legit confused now.

no, honey, I was being sarcastic/in denial

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blogging from the dead. actual undead prophet beatrice trebuchettully. all hail.


Damn Julia no-one was meant to know about that it’s why I wear the mask!!

this mask???

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*incredulous voice* mERRY CHRISTMAS????? WHAT ABOUT PIPPIN CHRISTMAS?????  

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I nearly choked.

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i wish that were so

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Send me a character and I’ll tell you what their “About Me” would say if they had a Tumblr
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One of my biggest disappointments in Criminal Minds is that Morgan and Garcia aren’t actually a couple